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Sep 24, 2023

30 important Statisticians that will be relevant to Membership Sites by 2023. Also, tips on how to boost Your Membership Strategy

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Latest research and provided you with the most current information on websites for membership as well as information on the expanding subscription market.

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The growth of the Creator environment has created the opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money from their ideas. Thanks to tools such as Member The idea of launching the first membership site is now much easier than it's previously been.

An extensive list of member site statistics will give you assurance that you can navigate through the ever-changing world.

There's a variety of websites for membership. In this piece we will pay attention to three key categories within the field:

  • Educational Platforms (Learning Management Systems)
  • Association Membership Models
  • Subscription-Based Platforms

This information can not only assist you with your marketing, but will also give you an insight into the current developments in your field.

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) Stats

Many businesses are embracing learning management systems (LMS) to build sites for teaching or to incorporate educational elements within their membership sites. This is a great method to boost the worth of your company and increase its range of offerings. provides.

CourseCure Single Lesson

The next step is to look at the LMS market for platforms.

  • The report on the market outlook for 2023 by Fortune Business Insights discovered that, in the year prior, the global LMS market was estimated to be worth $16.19billion. This year it's expected to climb to $18.26 billion.
  • In 2030, the number could reach an astounding $47.47 billion.      
  • The largest market that is growing fastest is Europe but the major markets can be found within North Americaaccording to a study conducted by Straits Research.
  • This increase can be attributed to the improvement in internet connectivity, higher use of smartphones within schools that offer higher education as well as the increasing preference of consumers to LMSs.
  • More than 40 percentof Fortune 500 companies use LMS, or an e-learning platform, for training and educating employees according to the eLearning industry.      
  • LMS users use the following tools to connect to the online courses: desktop (89%), laptop (76 percent), tablet (25%), and smartphones (19 percent). It's evident the importance of having LMSs be adaptable to accommodate the different preference of students.
  • Most frequently asked LMS features between 2022 and 2023 were the administration of compliance and certification (53 percent), content authoring (15%)) and library libraries for courses (15 per cent). (Capterra)
  • The average LMS software budget is between $15 and $40 for each user.

Association Membership Statistics

Nursing association members

Associations typically represent smaller entities that are dedicated to a particular profession, trade or reason. They often collaborate with other groups as well as trade unions. They may also be a combination of the two.

The main purpose behind these organizations is to facilitate the exchange of information, promote best practices, expand the member network, as well as promote the interests of the members.

Contrary to the mainstream businesses the members of associations are an exclusive group of people with specialized demands.

The personality of any association is affected by the industry it is connected to or the cause of. Let's look at some of the best practices to boost the effectiveness of marketing for associations and increase the number of applicants.

  • Many of the main reasons people join associations are: network chances (64 percent) as well as continuous training (39%) and gaining knowledge of the most effective techniques in their industry (33 percent).
  • 50 percent of organizations reported the growth of membership by 2023, up by 38% from 2022 and 26% in 2021, indicating the sharp increase for membership increase over the last 3 years.
  • In 2023, used the following channels to recruit new members: email (85%), organic social media (67%) and association-sponsored events (66%).      
  • The most common reasons why associations believe that prospective members shouldn't become members is an impression that there is no value (60 percent) as well as a lack of branding awareness (39 percent), lack of support for financials from the employers (29 percentage).
  • 34% of organizations recommend that members sign up to their online community to help in making sure that their members are involved.
  • 48 percent of companies offer their customers a 2-3 month grace time to access benefits once their membership ends.
  • Engagement is the biggest challenge in association and organizations, with 51 percent of associations being able to connect the lack of engagement to the reason that members didn't renew.
  • Innovation is essential in terms of member retention as well as acquisition. But, only 25% of businesses were judged as highly or extremely innovative. (Marketing General)      
  • 13 Percent of organizations that added, changed or canceled their events saw an increase in the engagement of members, indicating that you should alter your strategy. (GrowthZone)
  • 60% offer its members monthly payments that are automatic. 14% of them offer automated monthly payment, however only 26% offer both options in 2023.
  • In all, only 38 per cent are using a method designed to help bring back disengaged participants.      

Subscription Model Statistics

Subscription model statistics

Companies and subscriptions have been popping up everywhere and for good reason. Don't we all love the predictable flow of cash and the trust in customers?

Additionally, the general people are also catching on to the convenience of subscriptions over having the property. This is one reason why the concept is growing in a huge way.

Let's look into the key statistics defining the subscription economy. These statistics will assist you comprehend how many people are getting into the world of subscriptions and why it's poised to be the one that takes over future.

  • A report from the beginning estimated the market for digital subscriptions at $650 billion.
  • In 2025 it is anticipated to rise up to $1.5 trillion as per the latest estimations. (Lineup)
  • A total of 205 million Americans are using more than one browser, indicating the addition of 23,0 million increase since the year 2020.
  • In the course of this season, the three-quarters (75%) from direct-to-consumer companies are expected to provide subscriptions. (RetailDive)
  • A typical Annual growth of companies offering subscriptions ranges from 30 to 50 percent annually. (The Paypers)
  • Based on a survey conducted by Global Banking and Finance, 70% of executives of key industries such as retail and finance, believe the subscription model is essential to growth.
  • 53% of senior finance executives surveyed with CFO stated that 40 percent of their revenue are derived from subscription products or service.
  • Three quarters of all companies say that their subscription plan helps retain customers and helps build the loyalty of their customers..
  • The acceptance worldwide of subscription economies has been around 16 per cent. This is in line with the goal to increase it to 30 percent. (Citi)
  • And, by 2027 it is predicted to be that 83% of U.S. households will no anymore subscribe to a traditional TV channel. (Leichtman)

Tips and Best Practices have we learned?

That's it for the story! I hope you've gained the pros and cons when you join through these three membership types.

There are also plenty of tips to help modify your strategies and take better choices and increase the quality of your membership site. Here are some tips as well as the most effective strategies we've found:

     1. LMS (Learning Management Systems) Best Methods

  • Maintain Content Control: Ensure your LMS gives you full control over your content. The ability to implement immediate adjustments, modifications or updates is essential for adapting to the constantly changing needs of your users.
  • Prioritize responsiveness: The statistics show a diverse range of gadgets utilized in connection with classes. Select LMS applications that respond to users, offering a smooth user experience no matter if they're using on desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

     2. Association Member Best Practices

  • Value-Driven Engagement If networking opportunities are the primary motive for people to join organisations consider having regular webinars, virtual meet-ups or forums in order to meet the need.
  • custom-designed marketing: With a sharp growth in members over the past three years, it is essential to know your customers base. Employ targeted marketing strategies accordance with the particular requirements and needs of possible customers.
  • Re-engagement strategies With only 38% percent of businesses can bring back members who have been churned, you must devise strategies for engaging customers who left. It could be done through promotions, deals, surveys of feedback, or by highlighting the benefits of a new product.

     3. Subscription Model Best Practices:

  • Differentiate Payment Options In accordance with the various preference of different people with respect to payment frequency Provide a range in payment choices, from monthly and annually so that it is possible to meet the needs of different people.
  • Keep Up-to-date with the Latest Trends with the online subscription market expected to expand exponentially, you must be aware of the most recent developments. This allows you to modify your offerings and keep your business on top of the market.
  • Pay attention to retention More than three quarters of companies saying subscriptions improve retention of customers. Invest in strategies to boost loyalty. This could be accomplished by providing exclusive content, members-only discounts or a regular loop of customer feedback.

Once you've implemented these effective methods, you'll be better positioned to maximize the value of your membership site, regardless of whether that's an LMS, an association membership or subscription-based program.

In Summary

It's clear as day: the market for subscriptions is growing and not slowing at all. Are you considering developing an online course or introducing the continuous payment to your shop? The ideal moment to start is right now.

It's about delivering a top service that eases the burden for your customers. If you do that, you'll be able to see profits increase every year.

Begin with the most effective tools for setting up and running your website's members. It's a breeze.

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