Do you struggle to make enough cash as a coach? Here's How to Fix It.

Jul 4, 2024

I am irritated when coaches don't get paid properly for the hard work they put into.

Coaches are doing phenomenal job in assisting clients remain healthy and stay fit and create amazing connections. Build amazing businesses, create wealth, and so many more.

Coaching coaches help clients get rid of their pain and reach their heart's desires.

But you can be the greatest coach ever but not be the amount you're owed even if you're not doing things properly.

It's difficult when that you're doing a fantastic job, and you see those who're less skilled, and less committed than you, making so much more income.

We can fix it!

It's precisely what I'm intending to do with this blog post.

The issue is rooted in these factors:

Too little charging

Too much, or just one-on-one coaching

Your efforts aren't enough for your clients

Courses that are sold only

If you earn too much it's unlikely you'll earn what you want in terms of revenue.

Many coaches do not want to increase their rates because they rely on their own self-worth, not the value they provide to their clients.

The cost you charge must be in proportion to the amount you provide and not the amount of time or effort.

The problem with this 1:1 coaching model is due to the fact that it does not change to meet the needs of changing situations.

For each new client each new customer, you have to spend more of your time which, you must realize, your time is limited. There are only 24 hours in a single day.

That's why you need to join a group coaching program in case you're not yet.

The scale of coaching groups. Your work load doesn't rise either, it only increases every time you get an new client.

The same applies similar to doing too much work for your clients. The way to do this is to structure the procedure so that your customers are accountable to do the more work by themselves. You provide the Frameworks and Templates that make it easier for them to do it.

The inconsistent leads flowing can be attributed to not being able to put the proper processes in place that will give you the chance to meet your dream Clients each day and a new client every week.

If you are selling courses only and not offering courses, it could be hard to generate sufficient revenue consistently.

The courses have a lower real and perceived value than coaching courses, where they can assist people with coaching. This is not just the "home study" features of these courses.

If you don't already have a coach system in place and you're not sure how to start then group coaching is the obvious next option to include.

The factors mentioned above influence.

This makes getting cash easier.


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