How can you increase the growth of your business in video production?

Nov 5, 2023

There's an underlying satisfaction to doing things you. It can be thrilling to get a new vehicle, relocate to the new location, or begin an enterprise on your own. However, while certain people prefer a more private method of self-starting, when it comes to making films and videos, working in an enclave of one can be a daunting task.

We had a conversation with one of the directors--- Ibrahim Zafar from Lens End Media -discussing his personal story of turning a hobby into a profession, and transforming his solo operation into an agile, tight-knit team capable of tackling every video-related project.

If you're planning to grow your video production company and take on more challenging (and profitable!) films and brand videos follow Zafar's example. Let's look into some of his knowledge and share strategies and tips for growing your video production company.

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The first step

Many professionals working in film and video it is challenging to make it into the field. However, Zafar recommends starting small and working slowly. Although there are production companies which start large, the majority of them are small and expand as demand grows. Zafar's first job as a Zafar his first few years of his career included being a producer, director, shooter and editor on various assignments. He also had the responsibility to pitch, create and execute a plan in a turnkey army of one production company.

In the end, his plan of his company was fully transitioned from his'army-of-one' which was a company in which he donned all hats -- to be more of a CEO and film director, with a group of skilled filmmakers at be on his side.

When asked how others can benefit from his experiences in their quest for new ways to create their own brands as well as branding, his suggestion really came down to adding value.

"Doing everything from the beginning to the end was my preferred method of working. Therefore, including people in the entire process was a new concept to me. It's been natural for us to need additional assistance, as we've gotten bigger. It's the right way to handle transitioning from a solo director to a company." Ibrahim Zafar

Turn your hobby into your profession

One element of Zafar's career that is inspiring is the fact that he was able to move into the field from another career path altogether.

"I was a consultant prior to that, and travelling to various countries for a major business. When I had time off I'd get out to make videos for fun and to film internationally "day-in-the-life" material. This was when I discovered my passion in photography. Let's be honest, it all grew after that," Zahar explained.

For Zafar videography was an obsession and pastime that he pursued at a leisurely pace in the course of learning how to and perfected his skills and style. With the help of his wife, Zafar admits to taking the decision to go full-time and follow his dreams of a career shortly after getting married.

This has been a journey which has been filled with challenges but Zafar's career change was in line with the COVID-19. But there was a positive aspect to starting an entirely new profession amid an illness that is fatal -it meant that Zafar was finally able to take a break to fully focus on his clients' needs and their needs.

Know when you need to seek help

At first, Zafar only needed to trust himself with everything that was expected of him by his customers. For those with the same mindset the process is quite efficient (and rewarding) controlling every stage of production right from beginning to post.

However, Zafar admits he needed to get some additional support here and there in order to ensure he was on top of his work.

"I knew that I had to increase the size of my company however there was lots of work to be done during the process of taking care of clients, as well as the setting stage, the making money stage, creating your reputation and managing social media, so my days were stretched thin trying to do everything in one go." Ibrahim Zafar

Three steps to begin growing your video production company

1. Make sure you are careful when making the videos for your marketing tools

For many professional filmmakers and producers, it can be difficult to get into the business -- begin small, and expand organically. Although there are production firms that are instant winners or have won awards The majority come from humble beginnings and expand as demand increases.

The beginning is the most important part and your approach to marketing needs to reflect that too. You need a certain attitude and determination to manage the mentality of an army to be successful early on.

"Doing everything from beginning until the end was my principal approach to work. Therefore, including people in the process was foreign to me. We've naturally needed more help in the course of our growth, and this I consider to be the best method for transitioning from an individual director to an organisation." Ibrahim Zafar

2. Turn your love of making films into a video advertisement business

It's not uncommon to earn multiple streams of revenue in our current economy. Actually, 39% of adult residents within the U.S. are employed on an additional job. If you're currently shooting and creating videos for fun you can turn it into a recording and marketing video-related business.

Other kinds of videos worth including to your product and format checklist based on the level of your expertise- can include:

  • Explainer videos
  • Animation videos, 3D animation or animated video
  • Interactive video
  • Live-action film
  • Commercial videos and Corporate Video production
  • Videos and documents to non-profit groups
  • Motion graphics

3. Find out how to organize your production and reduce costs.

As you transition from the army of one to a leading position for your team's younger members You'll have to move from focusing solely on the videography. Instead, you should look towards production, cost management as well as company growth.

If you're planning to make a focus on budgeting as well as cost reduction it might necessitate sacrificing less salary in the initial few years as your business develops.

 Tips to scale your company's video production

If you're seeking cost-saving strategies as well as strategies for growing your production firm, AI tools and automation can be the ideal choice.

The writer's block is easily removed by through the use of an AI program for writing scripts.

The time you spend on an electronic-prompter

When you've got the script completed, you and your camera crew can utilize it while preparing. If you're starting your first video production company it is possible that you don't have access to experienced presenters on air. In the event that you're attempting to present yourself on camera or work with someone who doesn't have confidence in the anchors of television news Teleprompters can be used as a very useful device.

The process is easy to perform using text-based video editing

allows users to edit videos of high quality as easily as they edit the content of documents. The text-based editing program has an integrated search feature that allows users to search for cuts and videos quickly. The program also lets users remove bulk empty words in addition to longer interspersed pausing.

HTML1 Add value to your own design

If you're interested in a profession like Ibrahim Zafar's, think about taking his suggestions to heart and be aware of the advantages the video production company could provide you with.

In the end, you'll be able to demonstrate the real value and worth of your efforts in the future therefore, be more efficient, not harder until you are able to make a profit that allows you to go on the next level.

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