Nov 30, 2023
Level Up Creators

The Level Up Creators team - image (c) welevelupcreators.com

"We are all aware that the creators, by and large, are so unbelievably burnt out on the content creating and disseminating aspect of their work," starts Amanda Northcutt the founder of Level Up Creators. "So we're thrilled to help creators maximize their content distribution possibilities."

The company she runs at Level Up Creators is a mirror of the businesses that they train people to run and they apply what they teach using the same methods for maximizing these distribution opportunities. "We use source content as an audio or video in long form or an ebook or even a 5,000 word essay," she explains. "This is an extensive body of work from which you could get blogs, emails as well as lead magnets, and hundreds of social media content.

"I'm not suggesting you repeat what you've said on your YouTube clip, but you can choose to take an add-on or reductive approach," she says. "You can summarize the key elements of your video's 10 minutes in an email or you can write an article that elaborates on a specific point. It could be possible to create an entirely new source of content if you do that."

Amanda declares that this is just one approach for helping creators think more strategically about their burgeoning business. The aim here is to make use of already existing material in the best possible way "Successful individuals know what levers to use to achieve maximum returns. Our team is helping with content dissemination and distribution straight from the beginning." Amanda and her team support the tactical mentality and assist with creating the creation of content. "This is to reduce burnout and overwhelm and stress to ensure that the creator can have free creative space in their brain."

Level Up Creators

Level Up Creators create a streamlined pathway for businesses - image (c) welevelupcreators.com

Level Up Creators takes administrative duties off the creator's task. "We're taking care of DMs, email, calendar and gatekeeping for brand deals as well as also manage talent. Then we move on to making a roadmap for products, making awesome stuff, and marketing the product!" The team helps creators take care of the "the requirements to bring you to the point where the conversation will be acknowledged as having the credibility it requires".

Amanda as well as her colleagues are there to "have people let their minds to think large," she says. "We are interested in understanding how the creator's mind wants to go, including lifestyle architectural considerations, and income targets. We can help you create an overall plan for the future that includes the mission, vision values, goals, and values which form"the North Star of a company. That's what everybody looks to when trying to make a decision, at least within a well-run business."

Marketing is a process that involves thinking.

When the thinking process and freeing up of creative brainpower is taken care of Level Up Creators then look at specific products such as memberships or online masterclasses which are suited to the creator's needs and are in line with these visions. "For example, we'll ask ourselves, 'How will creating a membership product align with our long-term plan?' That's the primary test."

"We are able to collaborate in collaboration with different creators. We can do brand deals. We can start your own line of merchandise. It is possible to offer high-end, one-on-one coaching and group training. We look at the solution set and figure out which products we could package it into and we then assist get them on the the market."

Level Up Creators is also keen to ensure that their customers are connected to their network of businesses and creators and others who aren't competing, but tangentially linked organizations or those with the same audiences.

Amanda believes in the power of sharing with audiences: "a rising tide lifts all boats and the pie can always be bigger," she smiles. "It's not like if I share my audience then they'll go away and never return since they're pursuing you because of a reason." As such, affiliate programs and similar are crucial and Level Up Creators is able to connect it all with their marketing automation.

Amanda Northcutt

Amanda wants to help creators build sustainable businesses - image (c) welevelupcreators.com

The term "marketing automation" might sound a bit technical, but Amanda is able to explain the concept as eloquently as anything else. "It's the system that lets the creators communicate with their customers, on a size. It's a behind the scenes automated sales system that works all hours of the day according to your subscriber's preferences.

The machine connects every electronic touchpoint that you've got to your clients and potential customers via a backend device or two carefully designed to guide your customers to the next stage of their journey with you that leads to purchase.

"We're very active with email lists and we're big on partnership marketing," Amanda adds. "When you implement the right thing with your marketing strategy your subscriber will be in control. The content they see is relevant to them. This is a great system. We'd like to bring people into that email ecosystem.

"Then we'll want to deliver value repeatedly, diligently, strategically, and in a larger plan," Amanda concludes. "We need to ensure that we're delivering value prior to asking people to buy things. We will solicit people to purchase things as we're selling items that are making people's lives better, right? !"

More information

Amanda Northcutt is a consultant as well as a coach, and six-time executive who has launched and scaled online businesses for D2C, B2C, and B2Bs.

She established Level Up Creators to help prominent creators and educators create profitable businesses that are sustainable. Level Up Creators offers strategies and systems to people who own at least one existing product or service in the fields of fitness, personal financial planning, travel, or sports and who are eager to expand their influence and income. For more information, visit https://welevelupcreators.com.