The manner in which TCommerce enabled Tongue-Tied Academy was through the utilization of TCommerce to raise money for causes that are charitable

Jul 4, 2024

The Birmingham, Alabama, pediatric dentist Richard Baxter, DMD, MS is equipped to help dentists to recognize and treat a lip or tongue tie.

The drive, which was sparked by the birth of twin daughters in 2014, led to the development of Tongue-Tied Academy. An organization that focuses on addressing an issue which is a widespread problem.

Since the start of the program in 2020, he's had over 1500 students enroll and ensured that he donated any profits made to local and national charities.

The writer describes how he came up with his own online course business in addition to the ways that TCommerce was instrumental in boosting the growth of his company.

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He found his niche

As his daughters were infants when they were babies and he observed how they were wearing tongue tie which impeded their nursing. The dentist he encountered advised them to use a laser for treating the tie on their tongue which allowed the girls to nurse more easily. "The dentist suggested that I keep an eye out for difficulties with the tongue for children, as it's far often more prevalent than we thought. One out of four children have one," Baxter tells .

Soon, people began asking him questions regarding the connection between lips and tongues. Looking to know more and more about this subject He sifted through all the textbooks and classes dealing with the subject but was disappointed to find that there wasn't a lot of data to select from. After that, he was able to learn this procedure with lasers. After treating patients, and addressing the mom's questions, he started writing an article on the topic. A growing number of people visited Baxter to seek his knowledge, and he opted to publish his debut publication, Tongue Tied, in 2018. "People who have read the book, but wanted to understand more about the subject matter," Baxter says. Baxter.

The next thing was to create his own online school . In the dental office he was working in shut down due to the influenza, and he'd already written a 200-page script and was able to hire the services of a film crew who would record the course's 25 hours of mains, even though the dental clinic was shut.          BZXUULpDXeIRGSqPPoCP

He took the plunge.

The secret to the success for Tongue-Tied Academy is its partnership that offers a common platform to deliver courses.

"What's great about it is the fact that I can organize my lessons into sections." Baxter is shareholder.

By doing this, he can teach his subject in smaller chunks, and add quizzes following every class. Furthermore, he's included chapters from his book into the application. "I appreciate that it allows me to incorporate different types of materials in my teaching, instead of only video" the author says.

He's an avid user of the functionality that lets for the automatic awarding of a certificate to his students. "I can do not have to consider anything associated with my class on a daily basis aside of answering discussion questions as everything's automatized" the instructor declares.

He has made the checkout process easier with TCommerce

Switching to TCommerce instead of Stripe was instrumental in optimizing checkout experience for those who attend Tongue-Tied Academy. Baxter believes that the usage of TCommerce has led to smaller transactions. Since changing the integration to Stripe integration, the procedure of checkout has been improved the claims of Baxter.

Offering a range of payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Baxter says that TCommerce allows transactions to be seamless making it accessible and more convenient for everyone.

"You have the option to press the button and type in your identification with your face and pay for the course" declares Baxter. "It's easier now, rather than having to type every single data you have ."

Moreover, 's automated sales tax calculation decreases the burden of administrative duties while also ensuring that regulatory requirements are fulfilled across states. Baxter claims that the cash earned from his classes can be received more quickly than that from his previous payments business.

"I do not even contemplate this process since it's easy," he says. " Payroll will handle all of the details and money will flow into the account of the bank ."

In the hopes of launching an upgraded version of his bestselling course, which will be launched in spring this year, Baxter plans on using the possibility of purchasing bumps that allow customers to purchase more courses at a reduced cost, and without a halt to purchasing.

The man could have an impact via the foundation

Once the money is deposited in his account in the bank, the banker will give 100 percent of the profits to charitable institutions.

By assisting clean water initiatives in Africa by assisting clean water projects in Africa and Asia for rehabilitation projects in addition to initiatives to prevent trafficking in people. His commitment to the well-being of his community is a great illustration of the Academy's overall goal of social care. "I don't need anything more," he says. "We own a house and we have cars. we're doing well ."

"If I am able to assist those babies who were unable to feed before or struggles with colic or has difficulties that's a good reason to do it,"" the doctor continues.

He revised his plan.

To cater to the requirements of a wide range of people, Baxter launched a condensed version of the course designed specifically for professionals, such as lactation counselors and speech therapists. This LITE Version course, priced at $495, gives an important but efficient introduction to the subject, as well as more opportunities for participants.

His courses are constantly updated so that students have the option of taking classes anytime they'd like. "Teaching the class online makes it accessible for students as easily," he says.

Additionally, these courses provide American Dental Association-approved continuing education credits. "We use an accredited CE provider, meaning that students can count this toward the dental licenses they have," Baxter explains.

The course's most expensive component is $2,500, the material--in conjunction with CE accreditation--will help students know how much they've made.

He created a simple customer journey

Despite the popularity that is HTML0, Baxter says that he has no marketing plan.

The typical customer experience starts with the reading of the book. If they want to continue to learn The book directs users to an educational establishment called"the Tongue-Tied Academy.

If he gives talks at events such as talks, conferences or other events typically, people who are in the audience can register. After signing up to his mailing list and get mail from MailChimp to direct users to his blog's postings.

He was the one who set the standard for the success of his company.

Baxter says success is having the ability to expand on his knowledge. "It's not just me that has this." He says.

"We currently have over 1500 trainees who have successfully completed the training program. If every single one visits just one patient each time, that's far more than I can ever manage by myself ."

Furthermore, his achievement can be measured by the education he provides to healthcare professionals, supporting parents, and helping ensure the accessibility to care, while using the funds to support charities across the world.

In creating an online class, its author is required to find their true enthusiasm. "It is anything at all," He says. "And whatever it's about it's feasible to design an entire course around this idea. ."

"Just be you," Baxter encourages. "I'm not an online course guy. I'm a dentist. But I just put it on the market. This year, we were honored to rank one of the top 10 courses of ."

Before establishing Tongue-Tied Academy, he created two courses of his own at a cost of $99 the course, which had about 10 students took. "I learned a lot from these courses," the instructor says. I was able to access higher-quality materials and developed a high-quality course through The Tongue Tied Academy ."

"You may fail in one or two instances," he adds, "but this is only one stage in the process of you're studying. There is a chance of getting into a mistake if do not learn the lessons that you have learned from your experiences. ."

As Tongue-Tied Academy continues to evolve with a steadfast dedication to education and service as well as its longstanding tradition of giving back and empowerment serves as a source of motivation for educators seeking to become the movers and shakers of today.

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