What did happen what happened when TCommerce assisted Tongue-Tied School raise funds to benefit charities

Jul 4, 2024

In Birmingham, Alabama, pediatric dentist Richard Baxter, DMD, MS helps professionals recognize and treat tooth and tongue tension.

The search for answers and solutions prompted by twins' birth 2014, resulted in the formation of the Tongue-Tied Academy which was created as a platform to address the issue of being tongue tied, which is an extremely common, yet undiscovered issue.

Since the launch of the program in 2020 the course has had more than 1,500 participants who have registered. The course has contributed all the profits to local and international charitable organizations.

The author describes how he created the web-based course company and also the way TCommerce played a role in the expansion of his business.

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He found his niche

When his daughters were infants They were wearing tongue tie which hindered their nursing ability. Once he discovered an experienced dentist, he was able to treat them with lasers that could treat the ties on their tongues and allow nursing to go more smoothly. "The dentist advised me to be aware of the issue of tongue ties in children as it's more widespread than we imagine. One in four children are affected by one" Baxter tells .

After that, people began asking concerns about his tongue or the way he tied his lips. To find out more about the subject, he dug into every guide and class on the topic, but discovered that there weren't any resources to consult. The next step was to utilize the laser tongue tie method. After supporting patients and addressing mom's questions and questions, he began writing an article for his blog on the process. Many of his clients came to him for advice and advice, which is why Baxter decided to release and create the book, Tongue Tied, in 2018. "People have read the book and were interested to be informed about the subject," Baxter says. Baxter.

The next goal was setting up of an online-based school . The dental clinic was shut down because of the influenza pandemic He had already created the curriculum of 200 pages. He could engage an audiovisual crew to record the main course for up to 25 hours in spite of the fact that the office was shut.

He signed up

One of the most important factors which has contributed to its popularity is the connection it has created to provide the easiest platform on which for delivering classes.

"What's extraordinary is the capability to break the class up into sections and lessons." Baxter discusses.

In the position of presenting his information in chunks that are bite-sized along with asking questions at the close of each chapter. Additionally, he's included chapters in his book for make the lesson more accessible. "I believe it's advantageous to include different kinds of material into my classes and not just videos" He explains.

He's a regular user of the program that automatically generates the certificate to students. "I cannot do my assignments in class daily, aside from responding to questions in the discussion since everything is taken care of in a way that is automated," he says.

The procedure of buying an item was made easier through TCommerce

Switching to TCommerce from Stripe was instrumental in enhancing the method of making check-ins for students from Tongue-Tied Academy. Baxter believes that having TCommerce installed has caused the company to drop revenue. Since switching towards the Stripe integration, the checkout process has become much easier as per Baxter.

It's compatible with a number of payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, Baxter says that TCommerce allows transactions to be done in an easy manner making it easy and simple for everyone to use.

"You can choose to click the button, enter your personal identification number, and enroll in the program" Baxter says. Baxter. "It's the most straightforward method of putting all your information into an ."

Moreover, 's automated the tax calculation on sales reduces administration burdens and assures tax payment is within the guidelines of the authorities of the state. Baxter says that money earned through his classes can be transferred much more ease as compared to when he was using his previous payments processor.

"I haven't even thought about the possibility because it's a simple matter," he says. " Payments handle all the details for me, and the funds are deposited in the bank accounts. ."

In the hopes of launching an upgraded version of his renowned course later in this year, Baxter will be using the option of ordering bump which allows customers to buy another course at a lower cost, without impacting the purchase process.

The impact he made was through his charity he supported.

When the funds are transferred to the account of a banker, the banker then donates 100% of the amount to charity.

From assisting clean water projects to assisting water projects that are clean in Africa and Asia as part of rehabilitation initiatives and fighting human trafficking efforts The dedication of Baxter to the wellbeing of communities is an expression of the overall goal of the Academy to promote social welfare. "I don't require anything more things," he says. "We are able to afford a house. We own cars and are in good ."

"If I was able to help the child that was not able to feed before, or who has colic and has difficulties, it's a good reason to do this," he continues.

The program was first introduced with several variations. his program.

In order to meet the diverse needs in his students, Baxter launched a condensed version of the course, designed for professional professionals, such as speech therapists, lactation specialists and other. This LITE Version course, priced at $495, is an insightful and clear explanation of the topic that can be used by a wide number of students.

Each class has an constantly changing format. This means that students can enroll at any time they'd prefer. "Teaching online makes it easy for students to avail of the program," he says.

In addition, these courses are also able to provide American Dental Association-approved continuing education credits. "We employ an approved CE provider. This means they can use it towards renewing their certificates," Baxter explains.

This is the course that's most well-known, but it cost $2600. The content in combination with CE certification--helps users understand what's important to them.

He designed a user-friendly experience

Although it is a success, Baxter says that he isn't able to implement a strategy for marketing.

The usual customer experience begins with the reading of the book. If they wish to know more details about this topic, this book can help the reader navigate through Tongue-Tied Academy.

If he's giving talks or presentations at conferences and events, usually, attendees add their names to his database. When people are added to his database of email addresses, they receive an email sequence by MailChimp informing them of his web site.

He defined success as a human being.

Baxter says his success comes from having the ability to improve his knowledge. "It's not me who is doing the same thing," he says.

"We have over 1500 patients who have completed our course. If every patient visits just one person a day, this is more patients than I could manage on my own. ."

What the president considers"success" is defined by the educational level of those who look after other people as well as assisting parents and making sure the most people get treatment, all via the use of funds for charitable causes across the world.

If you're developing an online course the instructor responsible for the course must find their own interest. "It may be something else," he declares. "And whatever you're looking for, you can make entire courses using the data. ."

"Just Be yourself,"" Baxter encourages. "I'm not an online-course type of person. I'm a dentist. It's just something I have published. The last time we had the privilege of being included in the top 10 courses in ."

Before the development of Tongue-Tied Academy, he created two courses on his own. They cost $99 each, which roughly 10 students enrolled in. "I have learned so much through this course" said the teacher. I can get even more top-quality video and also design an outstanding course through The Tongue Tied Academy ."

"You might fail a few occasions," he adds, "but it's element of studying. There's nothing to worry about. being a fool should you do not learn the lessons it teaches you. ."

While Tongue-Tied Academy continues to evolve with a constant dedication to the education and charity, its tradition of giving back and empowerment can be a source for inspiration for teachers and imaginative thinkers in general.

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