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Nov 30, 2023

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Recent research shows that the amount of attention span among humans has been declining drastically in the early digital age. According to some research, the number of people watching video content is rising. That means the requirement for creators of video content to attract viewers to keep their focus more than they have ever. This question has been floating on the minds of most senior executives of advertising agencies as well as other creatives across the globe: in an ever-growing world of, video and story content that is fast-paced, how do you lock people in a manner that the duration is greater than the time they're spending watching the next? While the video is both engaging and appealing, you may want to test the ways in which the video will be presented.

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For the purpose of discussing the latest development, in addition to how it will assist its clients adapt to the changing environment of change, the agency recently hosted a meeting in London with a wide range of agencies were in attendance. This was an open discussion to the public, moderated by the editor-in-chief Matt Alagiah, featuring directorial team Fa Fon Watkins along with Fon Watkins, HLabs who are the founders of HLabs Han Springett, and 's Senior Partner Success Manager Katie Halpern as well as a workshop which was a lot of fun and was led by director of sales Jose Velasquez. The topic of discussion was the subject of "maintaining the creative control in the workplace" and the seminar gave participants a greater understanding of the various options available for assisting to achieve the task.


Fa & Fon said they receive an increase in requests for multimedia content which can interactivity across a range of media. "Our agency has had a lot of requests for video which include interactivity, with many of which last more than an hour and ranging from music videos to TV commercials" the agency stated. "We're not sure of the best approach to take with these requests yet, but it's clear that interactivity is the future frontier."

After the panel discussion, Jose was on stage to showcase live how technology could benefit. The video studio he guided viewers through the essential techniques to help people edit their video clips by allowing them to play on laptops at their homes. The tools included hotspots that act as "visible instances in your video" which trigger at a particular point when touched. They also respond to the time of triggers as well as time-triggered triggers that "automatically show overlays, and stop or repeat the film whenever a viewer chooses to do so in an image that veers." These tools can be adapted, which allows viewers to include these components in videos in a manner that's right for them, while showing them at the appropriate moment or connected to the appropriate mobile element.

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